• Malcolm Taylor


WE ARE NOT SURE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT...From floods in Germany and Belgium To devastating fires in North America and Greece To the highest temperatures ever recorded in Canada To the floods in China. We do not know what is going to happen this rainy season, but this year has brought storms and heatwaves that have been more ferocious and devastating than ever before. As most of South Africa approaches the rainy season, are you prepared? Motor.

MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE, MAINTENANCE! Heavy rainfall decreases visibility tremendously, and clients should take care to check the following vehicle maintenance related issues:

  • Windscreen wipers are replaced if cracked, old or worn.

  • Vehicle’s light including fog lights are in working order and replaced as needed. Poor visibility during heavy rainfall can lead to serious motor vehicle and other related accidents.

  • Tread on tyres is checked frequently, as aquaplaning can occur when braking even at moderate speeds and through shallow and seemingly harmless looking puddles.

  • Never activate cruise control during the rain. If the vehicle hits a puddle and loses traction, then the engine roars to life as it assumes that the vehicle has slowed down and is no longer cruising.

  • Remember that rain alters road surfaces causing those massive potholes which can be life-threatening and cause damage to your tyres, suspension and vehicle itself.

  • Continuous maintenance especially before and during the rainy season improves your vehicle performance when you need it the most.

Building Risks Clean the drains. Drainage systems and gutters must be cleaned out regularly to avoid any blockage from dry leaves to prevent water accumulation and ultimately damage to roofs. Property owners should take extra care and inspect roof tops for cracks and other maintenance related issues. Lack of maintenance can lead to unnecessary complications at claim stage. While you are working on your property, why not get a valuation of your building and contents. With overall building costs increasing, make sure your building is insured at current building replacement value including fees etc., to prevent average from applying.

Source: ONE Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd Reg No. 1996/008987/07. Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP8783 VAT No. 4370160501

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